Frequently Asked Questions

February 26, 2019

Q: How do I earn XP/Levels?

A: In Golf Blitz you earn XP by unlocking hats/golfers and upgrading power-ups. When you level up you get to increase the stats of the basic ball to make it faster, stronger and more accurate.

Q: How can I secure my account to ensure it’s not lost when upgrading my phone?

A: In the game, you can tap on the settings (main menu) and select “Secure account”. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address and we’ll send you a verification code, simply paste that back into the game and your account will be secured with your email address. If you change phones or lose access to your account you can simply head to the settings and tap “Recover Account”, enter your email plus the same verification code and you’ll regain access to your account.

Q: How does accuracy work?

A: Improving your accuracy stat will decrease the possible spread of your shot. The probability of a shot is equally distributed across the spread so upgrading accuracy can make a big difference.

Q: How is trophy loss/gain calculated?

A: The trophies are calculated based on a modified ELO system. The larger the difference between players the larger the potential trophy change for an upset win. We calculate trophies by looking at the players you won or lost to and adding up the individual win/lose changes. You can tap  on the +/- trophy badge on the match summary screen to get more information about how the trophy change is broken down.

Q: How can I play against my friends?

A: You can invite your friends to be part of your team and then launch a friendly match from there. You won’t gain or lose trophies otherwise it’s just like playing with your friends through matchmaking. You can even select the course to play in friendly games when you reach level 12!

Q: How does the Star Pack work?

A: You earn one star every time you win an individual hole in a match (even if you don’t win the entire match). Once you reach 10 stars you can immediately open the Star Pack. You can open one Star Pack every 12 hours

Q: Will you be adding a single-player mode to the game?

A: We are not planning on adding a single player element at this time. Golf Blitz is focused on delivering a fun real-time multiplayer experience so that’s where we’re putting our energy and efforts right now

Q: Why do I still get duplicate cards after it’s been unlocked?

A: Once you reach level 10 you unlock the ability to trade cards with your teammates. Head to the “Card Pool” section on the team tab for details.

Q: Will you be adding more levels, golfers and hats in the future?

A: You bet we will! We’ve got lots of great ideas for additional content that we plan to release over time! We’re planning to keep Golf Blitz fresh for a long time with new updates, content and features.