Season 1 Results!

March 12, 2019

Wow, what a great first season! After a tight race, we’re excited to officially announce the top players from season one. Gem rewards have been distributed. Stay tuned for details about what is in store for the second season!

What happens at the end of a season?

Players can expect to receive profile awards for the top 10,000 players/teams both globally and locally.

Once those awards have been distributed you’ll see that trophies get a bit of a squish. Your trophy count gets rounded down to the nearest multiple of 200 (so if you have 1312 trophies, you’d get rounded down to 1200). Players with less than 200 trophies are not affected.

This helps us to keep matchmaking faster and ensures that top players have to actually play in the season to maintain their high ranking.

_idarki_ can’t be stopped!