Season 8 – Life’s a Beach

May 28, 2019

It’s officially summer here in Canada so we thought we’d celebrate the warmer weather with a couple of exciting new additions to Golf Blitz in Season 8.

New Course – Beach

First, we’ve added a new sand-castle themed course called “Beach”. It’s been added to Tour 1 (for now) so that everyone has a chance to play it while it’s fresh! It features lots of opportunities for intense action as you race over, under and through giant sandcastles.

New Legendary Golfer

A new season means a new legendary golfer to purchase in the Shop. Check out the Lifeguard and Beach Hat combo season deal. Legendary golfers from the shop have a unique swing animation, hole particle effect and sound effect that you won’t find anywhere else. This skin is only available for purchase during this season, so don’t miss out!

Season 8 Rewards

For the first time in Blitz history, this season we’re offering a chance for players to win an exclusive golfer (& hat) that isn’t available any other way! That’s right, wearing this outfit will be a badge of honor and a reminder of your season 8 prowess.

A new legendary skin will be announced!

This golfer/hat will only be available to players who finish in the top 100 positions on the global leaderboard in season 8. We will be announcing more details about this skin (and a sneak peek, of course) before the end of the season so join us on Discord or Reddit for the latest news!

Season 7 Results

Last season was a very tight competition! Grande13 clenched the number 1 spot preventing _idarki_ from picking up his 6th global win! Congrats to everyone who took part in the season. Below are the official results of the top 10 global players for season 7.

Player Trophies
Grande13 2446
eSchiro 2266
headco 2249
rundmck 2244

The competition was also fierce between teams in season 7. The OGs had a healthy lead this season picking yet another win. We’re seeing a fair number of new teams climbing the leaderboard quickly so we could see a big mix up next season! Below are the official results for the top 10 global teams.

Team Trophies
The OGs 98479
Putty McPutters 91638
PrestigeWrldwyd 90395
Unit 7184460
Pond 5 Shaggers 81410
Ehrenbr├╝der 76071
True North 73484
Canned Goods73133
The OGs II71195