Season 9 – The Summer of Love

June 12, 2019

Welcome to Season 9 of Golf Blitz! From Woodstock to Coachella, hippies (or millennials dressing up as hippies) are a big part of summer fun and that is our theme for the new course and legendary skin!

Let me bang my drum in peace man…

Grab your tie dye gear and watch out for giant floating beachballs in Festival, one of the most challenging courses to date.

The rewards for this season are all about that green. No that THAT green. But big time golf bux green!

Sweet green

We are giving out bux rewards for the Top 100 Global Teams with an extra multiplier for the Top Players within each team. So first and foremost round up all your fellow flower children and ensure you make the Top 100 Global Teams to qualify. Then within those teams, get ready for some additional competition.

The bux multiplier for each team in the Top 100 is based on the ranks of the Top 19 players within the team. Anyone who doesn’t make the top 19 players on their team will get a 1:1 Trophy To Bux reward.

1st Place on Team – 20x Trophy Count in Bux
2nd Place on Team – 19x Trophy Count in Bux
3rd Place on Team – 18x Trophy Count in Bux
4th Place on Team – 17x Trophy Count in Bux
5th Place on Team – 16x Trophy Count in Bux
6th Place on Team – 15x Trophy Count in Bux
7th Place on Team – 14x Trophy Count in Bux

19th Place on Team – 2x Trophy Count in Bux
20th-50th Place Gets Equal Bux to Trophies

For example if your team ranks 85th globally, your team is eligible for the reward. Then, if on your team you are in 2nd Place with 2000 trophies you will get the 19x Multiplier which means 38,000 Bux! Oooo weeee!