O Canada!

June 27, 2019

Since the Golf Blitz development team is located in Canada, July 1st marks a special day in our calendars – CANADA DAY! To celebrate we’ve got an exciting line up of new content for all players!

Legendary, Eh?

In addition to the special Referee golfer released at the beginning of season 10, we’ve also got one more legendary golfer availablefor sale to celebrate Canada Day!

The new legendary Team Canada golfer includes a custom swing animation and unique sounds effects so that everyone knows you’re something special! This skin is only available for a limited time so don’t wait!

New Golfers and Hats to Collect!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve stuffed a few new golfers and hats into the in-game card packs for everyone to collect. Hold on to your poutines, we’ve added two new golfers including the new epic Beaver!

Plus, we’ve added 4 new hats to complete your Canadian look! Keep your stick on the ice with the new Canuck helmet or wrangle some criminals with a new Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mountie) hat.

Golfy Night in Canada

To mark the start of Season 10, we’ve added a brand new course themed around Canada’s favourite sport — hockey! The Rink has been added to the rotation in Tour 6. It’s a great combination of open spaces for fast-paced breakaways and tight quarters for some full-body contact!

Don’t forget: Players level 12 and above can choose specific courses in team friendly matches! Practice makes perfect!