A New Spooky Challenge

July 3, 2019

Last week we introduced Challenge Mode, a brand new way to play Golf Blitz. In Challenge mode you’ll compete in a series of 1v1 matches to gain increasingly awesome prizes. Win 12 matches before you lose 3 in order to get the best loot! You’ll receive one free entry (for either Pro or Amateur so choose wisely) for each special challenge, after that you’ll need to put some gems on the line in order to win big.

Starting today we’re introducing the first limited-time Special Mode for Challenges based on the community vote on Discord.

Introducing Ghost Ball Mode

In Ghost Ball Mode, ball collisions are turned off so your shots act like spooky ghosts (except for the haunting). Balls are still affected by power-ups like Grenade and Repel so you’ll need to stay on your toes.

Spooky Rewards

To match the new game mode we’re introducing some exciting new rewards for players in both Amateur and Pro tiers.

Alternative name: Ghosty McGhostface

For players who can muster up 12 wins in the Pro challenge we’ve got a Ghost Mode themed legendary hat called “Ghostly“. If you see any opponents rocking this hat on the ladder you should be scared–for multiple reasons.

We’re also introducing NEW EMOTES as a prize for players who can ghost putt their way to 6 wins in Pro or Amateur challenges. These new emotes allow you to express even more feelings mid-game for those times you really need your opponent to know that you know that it was a “LUCKY!” shot that won the match. Or, you know, make a silly noise with your tongue.