Sharpshooter Challenge!

July 12, 2019

Saddle up, we’ve got a new special challenge mode starting today! We’re introducing the Sharpshooter Challenge, a new special mode available for a limited time!

What is the Sharpshooter Challenge, you ask? Well in this game mode we’ve cranked up the accuracy so that shots go precisely where you’re aiming every time. Power-ups are also upgraded with perfect accuracy so that you can finally make a swish with the Power ball from 1000ft away.

Special Event Rewards

With a new special mode comes some especially on-point rewards for the players who have what it takes to rack up a serious winning streak. Just like in the normal challenge mode you receive awesome rewards for each win but we’ve also sweetened the deal with some exclusive content only available in this challenge.

6 wins in Pro
Challenge – Animated “Kissy” emote
12 wins in Pro Challenge – Legendary “Sniper” hat with special effects!
6 wins in Amateur Challenge – “Swish!” text emote
12 wins in Amateur Challenge – x6 Epic “Sniper” golfer cards