What’s new in v. 1.7?

September 4, 2019

We’ve been working on a big Golf Blitz update for several weeks. We’re happy to announce that Golf Blitz version 1.7 is now available on both platforms and includes some great improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improved accuracy: Upgrading accuracy will now reduce shot spread by improving the minimum shot distance rather than tightening min and max at the same time.
  • Beginning at level 25 players start each hole with an extra point of elixir which increases by 1 every 5 levels.
  • The upper end of accuracy on the regular ball is now more precise
  • Grenade balls now detonate other grenade balls within range.
  • Grenade ball explosions exert less maximum force on other balls
  • Players may now redistribute (respec) powerup skill points.
  • Android app now supports 64bit architecture natively and should run a bit smoother on new devices
  • Did you pick up your third Challenge mode loss right on the cusp of an amazing reward? We’ve added the ability to revive in Challenge mode giving players one additional “life” in exchange for gems.
  • Optimized the downloadable content, downloads should take about half as long which means getting into the game even faster!
  • Lobby scene has a new layout with more information, including information about the new elixir boosts.
  • Better notification logic to prevent triggering a notification when players can’t collect rewards.
  • Optimized network traffic during gameplay which should result in smoother gameplay in less optimal conditions
  • Fixed an issue where some iOS players would lose access to their account after updating the app.
  • Emotes render above the banner on the lobby scene
  • Fixed an issue where the quantity of bux shown did not match the true amount on Noodlecakes backend server.
  • Countless other small fixes and improvements

Power-up Balance Changes

  • Grenade Ball cost increased from 5 to 6 elixir.
  • Tunnel Ball cost increased from 7 to 9 elixir.
  • Repel Ball cost increased from 4 to 5 elixir.
  • Space Ball cost increased from 3 to 4 elixir