Spaced Out!

September 13, 2019

This season we’re headed to the stars! Golf Blitz season 16 is full of awesome new content to keep things fresh.

New Legendary Golfer & New Free Course

To match our Space theme this season we’ve created a brand-new Space Monkey legendary golfer available in the shop for a limited time. Blast-off with each shot as this golfer includes custom animations and sounds not available in other golfers or hats.

We’ve also added a brand new course available for free to all players. Space is a challenging new low-gravity course set in spaaaaaace! Blast your sticky Ball between asteroids or Power Ball straight to the green to make use of the crazy low-gravity atmosphere.

Space Ball Challenge

The new Space Ball Challenge is now live for this weekend only. Pick up 12 wins in the Pro or Amateur challenges to receive some crazy loot like the epic Galaxy golfer or the Legendary Space Mask. Plus express your self even better with the fan favorite “Deal with it” emote and new “Let’s Go!” emote available only through the Challenge mode.