Love is in the Air!

February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day is here and we’ve got hearts in our eyes. You might notice that Golf Blitz has a new fresh coat of paint for the season and that’s only the beginning!

Season 27 is looking to be particularly sweet! With new content including the candy-coated “Heart Land” course available at tour 15 this season, new lovely hats and golfers to collect in card packs and it wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Cupid himself!

Welcome to the Heart Land

We’ve designed a brand new course for this season! Players who have unlocked tour 15 will start to see the “Heart Land” course added to the rotation. Alternatively, partner up with some sweethearts on your team to practice a few rounds in a friendly match!

Legendary Cupid Golfer

That’s right, you can finally fulfil your heart’s desire and equip a legendary Cupid golfer. Let your opponents know your true feelings while golfing in style with an exclusive emote that is available bundled only with Cupid! Like all legendary golfers, this one is available only for a limited time and includes custom animation, sound effects and ball trail! Check out the SHOP for details on this limited time offer!

New Hats!

To show our love for all Golf Blitz players we’re introducing 3 new hats for everyone! You’ll start seeing the epic “Love Bear”, the rare “Heart Mask” and the common “Candy Heart” in all packs starting today!