Top ‘o the Season to ‘ye

March 17, 2020

As people all over the world prepare to stay in their homes and self-isolate (including our development team here at Noodlecake), we thought this would be a nice opportunity to share some good news with our community! This season we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with some special events and content!

End of the Rainbow Event 🌈

There’s a little magic up our sleeves this week! Starting at 1:00pm CST March 17th and running for 24 hours we’re doubling the bux that appear in card packs in the game. Star Packs, Free Packs and regularly earned packs from winning matches (including those opened instantly with gems) will give out 2X the normal quantity of bux! Hurry this event is only available for a short time!

New Golfers and Hats!

While we can’t share a pint with you, we’re doing the next best thing and sharing some new golfers and hats to collect in-game.

Check out the SHOP for the Legendary BATTLE DRUID golfer and hat. Complete with custom animations, sounds and effects she’s not one to mess with!

Lucky Blitzers might see the new “PATY” hat, or the epic “LEPRECHAUN” golfer and hat in card packs starting today! These cards are available to all golfers for free and will be available and obtainable after this season

New Course

We’ve released the brand new LUCKY LINKS course for golfers who have reached tour 15 and above! Complete with heaps of golden trophies, lucky (or maybe unlucky) horseshoes and lots of other great small details this is a course you can’t bear miss! Test your luck this season in a friendly match with teammates to practice your skills!

End of Season Shakeup

This season our last 2 hours are going to be a bit of a … scramble for top players! Expect more details in the coming days about what we’re cooking up this season to make it a season end to remember!