We’re Golfing Over It

September 25, 2020

It’s time for another season of Golf Blitz! This season we’re excited to bring the spirit of one of our favorite rage games into Golf Blitz. For season 43 we’re celebrating the game “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” with the launch of a brand new Legendary Golfer and a brand new course!

Our friend Bennett Foddy released ‘Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy’ in 2017 and it went on to be a worldwide hit! Players have a complicated love/hate relationship with the game since it’s intentionally designed to be very difficult and punishing. However, that just makes attaining success so much sweeter. You can grab Getting Over It on Android, iOS and PC!

New Course!

Players at tour 15 and above will find that the new “Golfing Over It‘ course has been added to the course lineup. Characterized by steep floating rocks with a focus on vertical game play, this course is sure to be one that takes time to master but rewards those who learn it’s quirks.

New Golfer!

Don’t miss the amazing Golfing Over It Legendary Golfer, available in the shop for a limited time. Complete with custom art, animation, sounds, effects and even a custom ball, this golfer will make you stand out from the crowd!

Gotta Go Fast

During the season 42 Twitch stream we also announced that we’ll be running a brand new Special Challenge Mode starting on October 1st. We’ve received hundreds of requests for a Speed Ball challenge but we thought we could do one better. This season we’re excited to premiere the Fast Forward Mode. In this mode you better have quick reflexes because if you take too long to line up your shot, you’ll be left in the dust. All shots have Super Ball Speed, we’re turning off cooldown plus we’re throwing power-ups into the mix. We’re hoping this mode is frantic and fun for all players!

Unlock Amateur challenge mode at level 10 and Pro Challenge at level 20 for a chance to win exclusive golfers, emotes and more!