Blitz celebrates the Day of the Dead!

October 23, 2020

This season we’re getting a bit spooky! Golf Blitz is celebrating Día de Muertos, the Spanish Day of the Dead! Here’s what new in Golf Blitz

Brand new Course!

Players who have reached Level 8 and above will start to see the brand new City of the Dead course show up in friendly and regular ranked matches. Characterized by fun portal-related play and steep drop offs set in a beautiful and vibrant city, this course is sure to be a favorite!

City of the Dead in Tour 8

New Legendary Golfers!

We’re happy to introduce our latest Legendary Golfer, Suga Skull! Suga is available for a limited time in the shop. Complete with unique animations, sounds, effects and more Suga is a big standout

Check back in the game on Oct 29th for a brand new Day of the Dead inspired golfer because this seasons we’re not just adding one, but TWO new legendaries to the game!

Halloween Deals!

Plus, as an added treat we’re bringing back some of our favourite spooky Legendary Golfers from last year for a very limited time! This week you can grab the amazing Count Blitzula golfer plus a coffin full of bux! Keep your eyes on the shop for these Spooky Specials!

A fresh coat of paint

Finally, to get people in the spooky spirit we’ve given the game an eerie but colourful temporary makeover. See if you can spot the creepy easter egg in the scrolling background!