Golf Blitz turns 2!

May 1, 2021

This season we’re celebrating Golf Blitz’s 2nd birthday with some fun in-game goodies!

Seasonal Event

During Season 59 we’re challenging players to earn 150 stars (earn one star each time you get first place on a hole) before the end of the season on May 13th. Players who complete this challenge will receive the legendary Present hat in their end-of-season rewards! This hat will not be available in regular card packs or available in the shop, you’ve got to compete to earn it!

Birthday Deals

As part of our birthday celebration, we’re bringing back some of the community’s favorite Legendary golfers for a very limited time. Check the shop every day for a new deal, and scoop up any of the awesome golfer, hats, and emotes you might have missed!

Free Birthday Emote

Even though it’s our birthday, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share a little something for everyone. Players who log in during the month of May will be awarded a new Legendary cake emote celebrating the event (complete with extra sprinkles).

Thanks to all of our awesome players who have been enjoying the game for the past 2 years! We’re excited to continue adding new content, features, and more based on feedback from our community!

Happy Blitzday!